Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crazy for the Candidacy

This picture was on the front of the USA Today May 7th, right after Hill-Dog squeaked by with a victory in Indiana. The quality isn't the greatest, but the picture says it all. There is much I could say about this, so I will. Feel free to comment anything else witty.
  1. She took over as the new Joker for the movie Batman.
  2. She's going to Indiana, and Kentucky, and Oregon, and YYAAAYAYAYAAA!!!!
  3. I wish I could make a post about how the media depicts Hill-Dog as a crazy person, but it is wrong to put someone down for what they truly are.
  4. This is really a picture of Jack Nicholson.
  5. Sadly, I made that last one up.

I'm all out for now. Fortunately, I am not at all political, so I can't make many jokes concerning the Presidential race and whatnot. That is for you, the public to do. But since no one reads this blog, that may be quite difficult.