Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kirk Herbstreit's "F--- It" Face

This morning on ESPN's College Gameday, Lee Corso dropped the "F--- It"-bomb while making his famed mascot head pick.  Below is the video:

Chris Fowler and Kirk Herstreit's reactions are great.  Fowler, always the company man, tries to disguise his laughter, but to no avail.  He's so shaken that he throws it to Dave Pasch in Columbus, when he is actually at Michigan Stadium.  Herbstreit, on the other hand, reacts in a way that usually results in milk shooting violently out of one's nose.  His "U CAN'T SAY THAT ON TV" face reminds me that Herbstreit is much different than other former QB analysts like Trent Dilfer, and why Dilfer sucks.  Herbstreit reacts like any regular college brah put in that situation, and that's why he does what he does.  In the world of Herbstreit faces, Corso's F-bomb rivals the spontaneity of an earthquake.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kirk Herbstreit's Earthquake Face

Via SB Nation
Kirk Herbstreit's experienced the 5.(pick your decimal) earthquake in Oklahoma last night while live on the air.  His earthquake face looks like this:

Here is the video of Kirk live on the air (interview starts at about :50 seconds).

Oh wait, here it is.

I'm with Herbstreit on this one.  I wouldn't want to be at the highest point of a tall structure when an earthquake hits.  That just does not seem like a safe place to me.

So, Let's Compare

So, Mizzou joined the SEC and blah blah.  Does it really matter?  The major networks (*cough*ESPN*cough*) and other rich dudes will soon find another money making scam within the world of college football, thus sparking another round of changes.  At least, that's what the optimist in me says.

Also, RIP 120 year Missouri-Kansas rivalry because of, you know, egos.  It's not like college athletics are about tradition or anything.  This is funny, though.  Bravo, Kansas.

So, because no one is totally full of BS, how about we look at the difference between the SEC's premature press release and real press release welcoming Mizzou to the conference.

SEC Press Release

SEC "fake" Press Release

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