Monday, August 29, 2011

So, A Hurricane Happened?

I'm from the Midwest, so these are the images that I see.  It looks like a lot of rain.

Also, it looks dangerous-ish.


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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear EA Sports; This Looks Dumb

If you have ever played an EA Sports created video game (i.e. Madden, NCAA Football, NHL Series, etc.) then you know that all too often EA will add certain elements to a game that completely overlook and take the place of simple gameplay adjustments that desperately need to be done to create a more 'realistic' experience for sedentary nerds like me.  In the football games it's usually the tackling, passing, catching animations, in the NHL games it's typically the hitting, poking, and invisible sticks when it comes to blocking pucks (defensive aspects), and the list goes on and on.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Great Gatsby Arrives in Australia...

Today brought me a few The Great Gatsby links to share via this wonderful Facebook group that you simply must join.

Courtesy of Lainey Gossip, this is what the car will look like in the new Gatsby film.  That's a pass, it looks legit, like a rich guy would own it.  It also looks like it could be used for vehicular manslaughter...
Car comparisons after the jump.

This link explains the issue I have with the whole Australian aspect of the film better than I could.  So, thank you for that.

This is linked within the above story, for those who didn't click on the above story or the link within the story.  This recently razed house is apparently rumored to be what Fitzgerald based Daisy's East Egg house off of, which begs the question, "WHY DID THEY TEAR IT DOWN????"  If you are a history, art,  architecture, or literary buff, let me just warn you that those pictures of it coming down are really, really sad.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"This Just Proves to Me How Much We Just Do Not Know About How Our Earth Moves and Changes"

That is a quote from some guy from the show Good Morning America interviewed about his reaction to the colossal, earth-shattering (ha), mega earthquake that ripped apart the East Coast and sent the states of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and for some reason Maine plunging into the Atlantic Oce...wait, oh that didn't happen.  Well, the quote is real, as he goes on to say that 'scientists' and their damn SCIENCE can't predict something like this, and so on and so forth... So, carry on.

The East Coast, all of California is ignoring you right now and calling you wusses.  California!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Deep Thoughts: What We All Came Here To See...Hardcore Nudity!

Here's a new feature to the site, Deep Thoughts from the Empty Mind (short: Deep Thoughts).  Deep Thoughts are part random, part philosophical, part existential, part worthless thoughts and ideas that fester in my brain fluid.  Instead of hoarding them all for my lonesome as I have done for so long, I will now allow the world to cherish them as well.  I wish there was more to say about this new feature, but really, that's it.  Thoughts, that I have, written down.  Enjoy! (after the jump)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Myrtle Wilson Wants You To Throw Her Down And Beat Her

Before I begin, and while we are on the topic of movies, I have two things to say:
  1. The top doesn’t fall down at the end of Inception, or maybe it does, either way the whole thing is a dream.  Too many unanswered questions, AMIRITE? (I know, this is about a year late...whatever)
  2. Cowboys & Aliens reminded me of Blazing Saddles which is not a good thing.  Blazing Saddles is intentionally hilarious in a comedic sense, whereas Cowboys & Aliens takes itself pretty seriously and Harrison Ford is not funny.  But, it was better than Super 8, which was also a dream (I wish).

Now that we have that cleared up...

Myrtle Wilson: Isla Fisher
Shelley Winters, Karen Black, Heather Goldenhersh