Monday, July 28, 2008

'Evan and Jaron' Ahead of Their Time

The 'band' Evan and Jaron, whose only popular song, "Crazy For This Girl", may have given them some play on the radio, but that's about it.  They have appeared on a few network and cable shows, but this group didn't have what it takes to make it to the big time, and that truly surprises me. If you listen to their self titled album (the one with "Crazy For This Girl"), you may find many similarities to the folky bands of today.
The sixth track of the album entitled "Wouldn't It Be Nice to Be Proud" sounds familiar to something Sarah Bareilles of "Love Song" fame would perform.  The seventh track, "Pick up the Phone," sounds like John Mayer may have had a part in writing it.
(As a side note, I honestly couldn't make it through the rest of the album.  I mean, I grew up listening to the Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC, but, this wasn't cutting it).
This makes me wonder why this brother-love song duo never made it big.  As we all know, people crave crappy music.  People flip crap over folk-style easy rock performers like John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, and the like.  But, maybe America wasn't ready for two brothers to teach us how to love.  Maybe what America was looking for was three brothers instead.  This is the only reason I can think of why the Jonas Brothers are so popular.  What do fifteen year old kids know about love and 'looking someone in the eyes' to prove their love and whatever else they sing about?  They should be singing about stupid crap, like the stuff Hillary Duff popularized four or five years ago.  Which brings me to another point, what does Miley Cyrus know about anything in general?  You guessed it, nothing.  I suppose if Disney slaps it's name on something, then it will automatically turn gold.  And that is a shame.  As Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy would say, 'where are we at in society?' 
Oh, Evan and Jaron are reportedly coming out with a new album sometime soon.  So, go buy it, or not.

Band to Listen to: The Exies, especially their most recent album "A Modern Way of Living With the Truth."

Show to Watch: History Detectives on PBS. Basically, the 'detectives' go out and find the histories of artifacts that people have found, or have been passed down through their family, or something they bought on eBay. Kind of interesting, if you are into a kind of random history of random stuff type of thing.