Saturday, January 8, 2011

Domestic Assault Isn't Funny (Unless Shown in Creative PSAs That Happen to be Funny)

This is the look of a man whose coffee has just been spilled

I know I am probably late on this, but bear with me. Calgary Home Front, self proclaimed as "united in breaking the cycle of domestic violence," may have created the best PSAs to date (I'm told these are from 2003). This video features a man eating with his kids. Within the clip, the classic line of "She spilled my coffee" is spoken, followed by a beat down of epic proportions, and pouring coffee all over the snarky waitress. The ending is great only because the kids to do not act like anything has happened (nor does anyone else in the restaurant). A strong, strong message sent, but nonetheless a hilariously ridiculous situation.

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Xenophobia's Shining Moment

During a search for a motel room for my pseudo-vacation to Colorado I will never be able to afford, I found a motel that did not fit the qualifications of some of its past guests (but, oddly enough, it did fit my price range). This particular motel featured seven terrible reviews, the first three commenting on the gross carpet, smell of the room, quality of the bathroom linens, etc. Typical stuff. Since negativity helps me sleep at night, I continued to read the reviews, finding this one you see above. Apparently, encountering a "Swiss couple visiting our country" is a big no-no when on vacation. How dare these Swiss come to this country and stay at what seems to be one of the worst motels in the state of Colorado, this is OUR COUNTRY!!! You have to admit, it is refreshing to no longer see attacks on Mexicans or Middle-Eastern people, and on Europeans again... these things work in cycles.

So beware when going to Colorado because is not free from strange European visitors. Moral of the story: The guv'ment can't put up a fence around the entire east and west coasts soon enough.