On a cool night in March of 2008, the Flubber McGee was attacked while jogging at 3:00am by three men in black hooded sweatshirts, beating him into submission and stealing his iPod. After being left for dead, he was found and taken to a local hospital. The three men found him in the hospital, explaining that they had commandeered this blog through a complicated process that does not matter, rebranding it "Double Tapered" in January 2011, a part of the up and coming Double Tapered Productions empire.  Flubber joined the corporation against his will and continues to blog under the watchful eye of DTP.  He survives as a soldier of fortune, so if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can...wait...never mind.

Double Tapered is essentially a blog about nothing...just like all of the other ones, but with better content than all of those other, smelly blogs.  All for your viewing pleasure.  It also strives to follow George Brett's mantra by eating the fresh crab legs of the world and sharting them out in an amusing and enjoyable fashion.  Remember, these are the deep thoughts of an empty mind, so don't think too much about anything posted here.

But really, it's mostly about baseball, college football, and movies.

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