Friday, September 13, 2013

Flubber's College Pigskin Prime Cuts of the Week 2013: Week 3

Last week's recap:

Game 1 and only: 
Southern Miss to cover 28 points vs Nebraska: NOPE
Under 58 1/2 points:  NOPE
Final score: 56-13 Nebraska


This week's matchup:

The University of Iowa Hawkeyes vs The State University of Iowa Cyclones

When:  5:00pm FARMING TIME

Where:  Jack Trice Stadium, Ames, IA

History:  39-21 Iowa.  They played in 1934 then not again until 1977 because during that time the state of Iowa seceded from the Union and was used as a corn repository.  Also, that's the same period of time that the USA won WWII, so, yeah, maybe it should have stayed that way perhaps.

Significance:  This happened in Ames two years ago.  This is why Iowa can't have nice things.

Consensus Vegas Line (as of 10pm 6/13):  Iowa by 2.  Nope.  Northern Iowa beat Iowa State in Ames.  Northern Illinois beat Iowa in Iowa City.  This proves nothing.  Iowa State covers regardless.  O/U is 48 1/2.  These schools didn't play in 1948, let alone 1948 1/2.  Under.
Iowa State 20 Iowa 17.

Question to Ponder:  This game is the lead in to Oregon State–Utah on Fox Sports 1.  Does Fox Sports 1 realize how ratings work?

What else:  That trophy straight up broke in half.  What a mess Iowa is.

* * * BONUS GAME * * *

Oregon Ducks vs Tennessee Volunteers

When:  12:30 PT, the drinking hour

Where:  Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR

No time for other details. Straight to the betting!

Consensus Vegas Line:  Oregon by 28.  Sure, why not.  O/U is 72 1/2.  Oregon has scored 105 points in two games.  Tennessee has scored 97 points in two games.  Rocky Top can score a lot and still lose by four touchdowns.  I believe in you Tennessee!!!
Oregon 49 Tennessee 24

Question to Ponder:  ABC afternoon game with a shitload of points.  Ratings gold!

What else:  #points

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