Friday, September 20, 2013

Flubber's College Pigskin Prime Cuts of the Week 2013: Week 4

Last week's recap:

Game 1:
Iowa State covers two points vs Iowa: NOPE
Under 48 1/2 points:  YEP (barely!)
Final score:  Iowa 27 Iowa State 21

Game 2:
Oregon spreads Tennessee by 28:  YEP
Over 72 1/2 points:  YEP (barely again!)
Final score:  Oregon 59 Tennessee 14

Holy crap, beat the over/under by 1/2 a point in each game.  I've got this shit figured out.  All aboard, next stop Richville.  Population: Me.

This week's matchup:

Arizona State Delayers of Game vs
Stanford Tree
Stanford wins on mascot alone.
When:  6pm here, 4pm there.

Where:  Stanford Stadium, Stanford, Ca.

History:  Forget about that for a second.  What the hell was this?
I don't think there has ever been a better example of officials affecting the outcome of a game and doing absolutely nothing at the same time.  Props to them for having the balls to just say, "nope, you lose lol" and run off the field like no one was ever going to question it.  "Oh, the Arizona State sideline seems pleased...guess everything is in order here.  Let me show myself out."  Good on you, officials, for not stepping into the spotlight, and in fact doing nothing at all.

Significance:  These teams are ranked.  So that's fun.

Consensus Vegas Line (as of 9:30pm 9/20):  Stanford by 6 1/2, which seems reasonable.  So that means Arizona State will win by two touchdowns.  Oh well.  I'll take the odds.
O/U is 52 1/2, which if the ASU-Wisconsin game is any indication, under.  Plus, Stanford isn't Harbaughy enough to run up the score anymore.  Which also means they are at prehypertension levels and dropping.
Stanford 27 Arizona State 18.

Also, I'll take any side bets about the Pac-12 officials doing something terrible.  WHEN I win, the odds may not produce much in the way of winnings, though...

Question to Ponder:  Will Arizona State be thinking ahead to their next matchup against USC?  Will Todd Graham be USC's head coach by the end of this season?

What else:  Is the USC job Graham's dream job?

I bet it is.

Next week, live from Las Vegas!  Yay, losing money in person!

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