Friday, October 18, 2013

Flubber's College Pigskin Prime Cuts of the Week 2013: Week 8

Last week's recap:
Mizzou to cover 7 points: YEP
Under 64 points:  NOPE
Final score: Missouri 41 Georgia 26

Still, picked an upset correctly!!!
This week's matchup:

Oh, people, I'm so good at this.  Yes, no one can deny my skill at partially picking certain games correctly.  It's almost unfair.  Yes, I'm sure I could pick the Northern Illinois-Central Michigan matchup correctly, but those are small potatoes, and I'm not a potato man.  No no, I only pick the grandiose of the grandiose now.  I'm like the SEC West of sports gambling.

Indian mascot
Meth-addicted mascot

When:  7:00pm CT

Where:  Memorial Stadium, Clemson, SC.

History:  This is the 27th meeting of these two schools, and the winner has scored over 30 in seventeen of those games.  Including a 57-0 Florida State game in 1993.  Damn.

Significance:  Two undefeated teams in the same division of the same conference with national title hopes on the line.  If Florida State wins, they will promptly lose to NC State next weekend because that is what Florida State does.  If Clemson wins, well, your guess is as good as mine.  Georgia Tech?  South Carolina?  ACC Championship game loss?

Caesar's Palace Line (as of 10/18):  Florida State by 3.5.  If the Denver-Jacksonville line has taught us nothing else, it should be to never bet on favorites, right?  UPSET ALERT!!!  I say Clemson covers only because they barely win.  And to distract you from that probably terrible pick, here's a video:
Over/Under is 64 total points.  WAY over.  Last year's game was 49-37.  The year before it was 35-30.  This year it could be millions.

Clemson 45 Florida State 42.

Question to Ponder:  Which is scarier?  This:

or this:

What else:  Since 1999, the head coaches of both of these teams have had "Bo" somewhere in their names.  Also, did you know, Terry Bowden used to coach.


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