Saturday, October 12, 2013

Flubber's College Pigskin Prime Cuts of the Week 2013: Week 7

Okay, so, Vegas happened.  Specifically, Caesar's Palace's beautiful sports book.  There were a ton of Ohio State fans – i.e. people who bet on Ohio State – watching the Ohio State-Wisconsin game.  Those odds looked terrible, and you never want to bet against Ohio State in Big Ten conference games now that Urban Meyer is around, so that game was off the table.  Instead, I took the odds on Mizzou to beat the halftime spread of 10.5 against Arkansas State.  Mizzou was up 14-12 at half, and it was all fun and games until Ark State went up 16-14 three minutes into the second half.  So, to sum up, NEVER GAMBLE.

Here's a recap of the past couple weeks.

Stanford beats 6.5 against Arizona State:  YEP
Under 52.5:  NOPE
Final score: Stanford 42 Arizona State 28

Mizzou to beat 10.5 at half against Arkansas State:  YEP (eventually)
Final score:  Missouri 41 Arkansas State 19

Just give me a minute.

This week's matchup:
Grown Man Football
Young(?) Man Football
Part II

When:  11am CT

Where:  Sanford Stadium, Athens, GA

History:  Not much.  One game in 1960, one game last year.  Georgia won both pretty handily.  Plus, the whole "old man football" thing from last season.  If "old man football" means an offense with Todd Gurley and Aaron Murray, then sign me up.

Significance:  Um, they are both ranked.  So, that's good.

Caesar's Palace Line (as of 10/11, early AM):  Georgia by 7.  You know, there comes a time when you have to throw all logic out the window.  That's college football, in a nutshell.  There's been a lot of discussion this week with Jadaveon Clowney supposedly "resting" for the NFL Draft, not playing so he doesn't get hurt and drop his draft stock.  Some say this may be yet another load bearing pillar to collapse in the halls of "traditional college football."  The belief is that NCAA Football is no longer seen as a "minor league" for the NFL, and that the most elite of athletes can forgo college football altogether.  Thus, Clowney decides what's best for him – signing a multi-million dollar contract in the NFL – not his money making school and athletic program.  I don't know if this means the downfall of the NCAA as much as it means Clowney just doesn't want to get hurt and feels confident in his current ability, but I know much of the appeal of college football is that these are all college athletes, kids, and only less than two percent ever play professionally.  That means more surprises, more parity, and more chances for crazy nonsensical stuff to happen.  Just think Tim Tebow.  Some school called Appalachian State beat powerhouse Michigan in the Big House once.  Then, this season alone, in just the first week, eight FCS teams won games over FBS schools.  In contrast, Louisville ran a running clock against FIU this season in a 72-0 laugher.  Who knows.

That said, Mizzou will cover, even though they have no business doing so against National Championship contender Georgia.  Mizzou isn't North Dakota playing the SEC elite by any means, but they haven't proven themselves either.  Well, maybe they do now.  And maybe I lose some money.

O/U is 64.  It will have to be under for Mizzou to cover.

Prediction:  Oh, what the hell, might as well go all out.  Mizzou 31 Georgia 28.

Question to Ponder:  

What else:  Thanks Mizzou for not making me look like an idiot that one time in Vegas.

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